Does YOUR dog pull YOU on walks? Can you imagine a walk where you do not get pulled?
If so, you are in the right place! 
Hi, my name is Jimmy Cee and I am the creator of this ONE of a KIND online dog training course otherwise known as The Crafty Pup.
Now, I say this all the time and it really is true...
"A Well Trained Dog Starts With A Well Trained Owner"
And I know YOU want to become one!
So I want to ask you a few questions... 
Does YOUR dog pull you on walks?

Or lunge at other dogs, people or... the dog favorite, squirrels?

Do YOU ever get nervous when walking near other people or dogs as your pup freaks out or starts jumping, pulling or lunging at them?

Or do YOU get annoyed when all you want to do is take a relaxing walk but your dog constantly stops to sniff everything in sight?

I am here to HELP YOU!!!
I can tell YOU from experience that a dog that walks without pulling is GREAT!...
So, are YOU ready to become the next person to follow my lead and become a well trained owner?
I know you are or you would not be here right now!
So before I show you a sneak peak inside my course, I want to fill you in on something... 
I created The Crafty Pup with a HUGE vision in mind.  It starts with...
My Mission:
  • My vision is to change the world of dog training!
  •  I want to bring dog training to YOUR finger tips-- in other words, accessible from any device, anywhere, at anytime!
  •  I own a dog training business in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  However, I only reach people who are local.  My goal is to assist people all over the world!!!  I am so excited to take dog training to the next level!
  •  Ultimately, my goal is to make YOUR life a lot easier by providing you with the tools you need to become that well trained owner!
A Little About Me...
Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  I have never been a stranger to dogs.  My grandparents founded, Carriage Hill Kennels (a Dog Kennel/Spa and Training facility), in 1961.  I take pride in being 3rd generation in the family business.  Growing up, my family and I had a black Labrador Retriever, Shadow.  I started to show my natural touch that I received from my grandfather (a professional dog trainer) with Shadow early on.  My parents remind me how I started teaching her tricks when I was 5 years old.

Having grown up in the suburbs of Chicago people are surprised when I talk about my love for the outdoors.  Some of my hobbies include: photography, working out, running with my pup, hiking, snowboarding (almost killed me a few times) and believe it or not I am a decent cook.  I am also a big sports fan.  Football and hockey are my favorites but basketball and baseball are close seconds.  I love to explore and travel.

So once I graduated high school I went to a community college while also training dogs.  After 1.5 years of school I eventually threw in the towel.  It did not seem for me.

I proceeded to run this course at my family business for the next 2 years before deciding to go back to school.  This time I had a different mindset.  I wanted to live the "college life" or whatever they call it.

Anyway, I went on to obtain a Business Administration and Finance degree from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.  My love for the outdoors grew so much!  I would fish or hike in between classes, I miss it. 

However, a few months before I graduated, something happened that changed my life. 

I got into a car accident that almost killed me, honestly, it is a miracle I am alive to tell YOU this.  

I flipped my white GMC Yukon going 80 miles per hour to avoid hitting a deer.  I escaped with only a minor cut on my elbow.  It truly was a miracle and my Yia-Yia (grandmother in Greek) who just passed away a few days prior had to be looking over me!  I was actually heading back to school after attending her funeral.

Well, to keep it short.  That accident totally changed my perception on life! 

"The accident that almost ended my life made me realize that life is too short to not do what you love.  It propelled and motivated me to levels I did not know existed.  I decided I wanted to pursue my dream life, NOW!  A huge goal of mine is to work and travel the world, helping people along the way.  So, if there is ONE thing I wish to accomplish on this journey, it is to help you train your dog so you and your family can live a happier life. I am a firm believer that a well trained dog starts with a well trained owner and that is why I am here to HELP. This is where The Crafty Pup was born, in 2018."

I currently run the Dog Training at my family business, Carriage Hill Kennels in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  "I noticed a problem that I knew I could fix.  We live in a world where people are super busy.  Taking the kids to practice, dinners, meetings, the list goes on and on.  Anyone close to me knows that I am a problem solver.  I thought, what if I made it possible for people to train their dog ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, on ANY DEVICE!   I believe that bringing my knowledge and expertise to the online community can truly be revolutionary and bring a lot of value to dog owners world wide, I want to be your dog training guy." 
    • 6 Week Course:  Each week you will receive new videos where I am training Stanley the Golden Retriever.  In these videos, I break down each command step-by-step while I am training Stanley.  Every week I introduce a few new commands.  To ensure your success I have also written each week's lesson explaining everything step-by-step.  This way you have each week's commands in video or text format.
    •  You Train Your Dog!:  All you need to do is practice everyday 2-3 times for 5-10 minutes per session!
    • Dog Training Made Easy:  My goal is to make training your dog as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  Everything I do is very straight forward and simple ensuring you great results! 
    •  Train Your Dog At Your Convenience: Busy with the kids? Work? Other commitments? Or life in general? No worries, that is why I created this. You can access my course anywhere, anytime from any device! 
    •  Proven Business:  I am doing something that no one has ever done and IT WORKS (I run this program everyday at my dog training business in Chicago, Illinois and the results have been tremendous!  So good that I have dedicated over a year creating this course!!!)
    •  FREE BONUS VIDEOS: Included, are 6 FREE BONUS VIDEOS ($189.99 value). 
    •  Common Mistakes Video: Videos show myself training dogs at my dog training business in the suburbs of Chicago, IL.  Each week's video highlights the most common issues that arise for that given week and how I fix them in real time!  You literally see myself training multiple dog's who have never practiced what I am showing them.  With learning comes mistakes.  You then watch myself address and fix the issues while explaining everything to you incase you experience your dog making the same mistakes!
    • Week 1:  Heel, Sit and Down + Common Mistakes video FREE
    •  Week 2:  Sit-Stay, Stand, Loose Leash Heel and About Turn + Common Mistakes video FREE
    •  Week 3:  Down-Stay, Sit-Stay (walk circles around dog) and Change of Pace + Common Mistakes video FREE
    • Week 4:  Sit-Stay (drop the leash), Down-Stay (circles around dog) and Flip Turn + Common Mistakes video FREE
    •  Week 5:  Recall, Sit-Stay (drop the leash) and Down-Stay (Drop the leash) + Common Mistakes video FREE
    • Week 6:  Recall (drop leash in fenced in area), Sit-Stay (90 seconds) and Down-Stay (120 seocnds) 
    Course Summary:
    •  6 Week Online Course.  Every week has new Instructional Videos and Written Instructions- ensuring you will understand!
    •  Accessible anywhere, from any device!
    •  Created by Professional Dog Trainer, Jimmy Cee.
    • I have been using this course at my brick and mortar family dog training business in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois for years-- the results have been tremendous!
    •  BONUS VIDEOS are included for FREE! ($189.99 Value)
    Christina & Koa
    Steve & Decker, Founder of
    Melissa & Ernie
    Ridley the Golden Retriever
    "I loved how Jimmy broke down the course into weekly segments. It solidified our Golden Retriever, Ridley's behavior when walking and with daily commands. I liked how Jimmy provided a weekly structure to the course and provided us with homework to work on throughout the week. This helped us ensure that the training was easy since he broke it down. We found our dog really enjoyed the training and it helped give her a purpose."
    - Auggie & Kerri M.

    "Before using Jim's course, Auggie was out of control. I couldn't even walk him down the street without losing my shoulder, after following Jim's lead, Auggie is now the family dog we had dreamt of having all along. The weekly format worked great. His course was very straight forward. I Highly recommend it!"
    - Ernie and the Hogan Family
    "We adopted our one year old dog from a no kill shelter and immediately brought him to Jimmy. Jimmy fully explained that his 6 week training program would be a great fit for our new dog Ernie. He was right! Jimmy was exactly what Ernie needed. Jimmy’s training was easy, concise and most importantly, effective! Each week, Jimmy worked with our dog and demonstrated to us how we should train our dog at home. We received a personal training demonstration with our dog which was reinforced with a weekly training newsletter that we could reference in case we had any questions. Jimmy also allowed time for a question and answer session about what we learned that day and how each day’s learnings coincided with the long term training vision. Questions were encouraged and always thoughtfully answered. The Crafty Pup’s training plan is well thought out and easy to use. Our dog knows basic commands and what is expected of him in our home, which is fantastic. Jimmy’s training gave us a roadmap to a happy, well behaved and well trained dog. Go See The Crafty Pup, Jimmy won’t let you down!"
    -Riley & Ross D.

    "We loved working with Jimmy, as he trained our puppy Riley. He is very knowledgeable, kind and patient. Jimmy always took the time to explain to us what he was teaching Riley and what commands to use when we are home with Riley. We highly recommend using Jimmy to train your puppy."
    - Emma & Michelle B.
    "What can I say?? The training Jimmy gave Emma and our family was more then expected! When Emma came to our family, she was well trained but needed more to our way of living in our house. Jimmy, you reached more then we ever expected. Your training was amazing. Thanks!"
    - Decker & the Bateman Family~ @deckers_world
    "Finding that perfect dog trainer is like finding a true gem, and our family has found our “gem” in Jim. Over the years we’ve tried several different trainers and/or methods. None have found us the success like working with Jim. His impact with our Bichon-Terrier was noticeable from Day 1 and his training methods made it easy to carry the lessons learned back home with us. Jim has a clear understanding of what it takes for your dog to follow through during the entire training process, so much so, that our dog actually races from our house to the car when it’s time for his next session. Working with Jim was the right choice for our family, and I’m sure your family would feel the same!"
    - Guido & Randi S.

    "Our dog was trained by Jimmy and it was the best decision we could have made. The training helped teach Guido commands, to listen and be more relaxed. Jimmy was able to teach our whole family how to manage the dog. The end result is a much happier dog and much happier dog owners. We will continue to learn from Jimmy. He is open to questions, feedback and really wants both the dog and dog owners to be satisfied. We recommend Jimmy's training without reservation."
    Google Reviews
    I have been surrounded by dogs since I was born.  My grandparents started Carriage Hill Kennels, a state of the art dog facility in 1961.  Located in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  Working with dogs since I was a little kid, I have been told by many that I have a natural touch that not many people have.  It is in my blood.  Below are some kinds words that clients have left for my other business.  I really do go out of my way to ensure you and your dog understand everything.  I always say, "a well trained dog starts with a well trained owner!"  My goal is to help you become that well trained owner!
    Before and After Videos
    In the video below, you will see clips of dog's before and after they went through my course.  The results are simply, AMAZING!
    Basic Obedience Online Course
    Included in Course:
    •  6 week video course with step-by-step instructions on how to train your dog.
    •   Each week you will receive new videos and written out homework sheets.
    •  FREE BONUS FOOTAGE: I felt that my training videos would be best if I used a trained dog. However, I also want you to see mistakes that your dog may make so, for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE I have thrown in six additional videos ($189.99 VALUE!) for FREE.
    •  In these videos, you will see Jimmy training dogs that have not performed what he is asking them to do yet. He felt it was important to include raw footage of untrained dogs being worked. You will see him training different dogs and as they make mistakes, Jim shows you in real time how to fix them! 
    V.I.P. Basic Obedience 
    Online Course + 1 on 1 Coaching
    Included in Course:
    This Course does have limited enrollment
    • 6 Weeks of videos with step-by-step instructions on how to train your dog.
    •  Each week you will receive new videos and written out homework sheets.
    •  FREE BONUS FOOTAGE: I felt that my training videos would be best if I used a trained dog. However, I also want you to see mistakes that your dog may make so, for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE I have thrown in six additional videos ($189.99 VALUE!) for FREE.
    •  In these videos, you see myself training dogs that have not performed what I am asking them to do yet.  I felt it was important to include raw footage of untrained dogs being worked. You will see me training different dogs and as they make mistakes, I show you in real time how to fix them! 
    Included ONLY in VIP COURSE!
    • TWO 30 minute 1 on 1 Videos Calls with Me
    • 1 Live Video Training Session (30 Minutes- you or myself will be training a dog as I coach you through the problem you are having).
    • Direct access to ME- I will answer your questions.
    • LIFETIME ACCESS to my V.I.P. Member ONLY Facebook Group- Monthly group meetings where I will answer your questions live
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